Save Our Coast / PEP11 offshore gas proposal

PEG supports the Save Our Coast campaign to prevent gas rigs being built off our coast.

In 2018 a company called Asset Energy was granted a licence to explore for natural gas under the sea bed off the Central Coast, in a zone called PEP11 (Petroleum Exploration Licence 110). The first phase of the exploration process involved seismic testing, deafening underwater sonic blasts to echo-locate areas of hollow rock on the ocean floor that could contain gas. Seismic testing has a devastating impact on marine life such as whales and dolphins. In December 2019, after two years of campaigning by Save Our Coast, including a petition with more than 60,000 signatures, Asset announced it would cancel seismic testing but instead proceed directly to drilling an exploratory gas rig in PEP11. No start date has been given but Asset initially said it would be in 2020.

The threat of gas rigs along our coast is very real. PEP 11 lies in federal government waters and the federal government is extremely pro-gas and captured by the gas lobby. Gas exploration will create toxic pollution and contribute to global warming at a time when we need to be focusing all our efforts on switching to clean energy sources like wind and solar.

If you don’t want gas rigs off our beaches, support the Save Our Coast campaign.

Visit the Save Our Coast website.

Wallarah 2 coalmine

Only a few kilometres north of the Woy Woy Peninsula, a Korean company called Kores has been given approval to build a huge coalmine in Wyong called Wallarah 2. The coalmine would stretch under the Central Coast’s drinking water catchment, threaten native bushland and koala habitat and, again, contribute to global warming when we should be moving away from fossil fuels. Following years of campaigning by local environmental groups and activists, Kores put the mine site up for sale in February 2021. As far as we know, it has not yet found a buyer.

Wallarah 2 coal mine for sale

Kariong Sacred Lands / Bambara

Kariong Sacred Lands refers to a section of land just south of Kariong, along Bambara Road and also the location of the locally famous “hieroglyphs”. Environmental protectors including Jake Cassar and others successfully fought a proposal to sell this bushland area for housing development. However, more recently the Darkingung Local Aboriginal Land Council have announced plans to develop an area of bushland adjacent and connected to the Bambara land for a large housing development. Coastal Environment Alliance is campaigning against this proposal.

Visit Coastal Environment Alliance on Facebook.