The PEG Food Network is a non-profit organic food-buying group. Buying as a group of about 50 members allows us to get organic food in bulk at wholesale prices. We do a fortnightly fresh food order plus 4 bulk dry food orders per year.

Unlike many food co-ops, ours is not a box scheme. You order exactly what you want.

To keep costs low, members contribute 2 hours per fortnight, usually on a Monday morning (although a few online roles are sometimes available).

Fresh food orders are fruit and veg, plus bread, honey, olive oil, toilet paper, soap, etc. Dried food orders includes grains, pulses, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Where possible we buy from local Central Coast farmers. We may buy produce that is not certified organic, if we are confident it is chemical-free, because we realise the cost of organic certification can be prohibitive for small-scale producers. If there is no local supplier, we buy from Sydney organic wholesalers.


  1. Fresher: fresh local produce is picked a day or so, not weeks, before delivery
  2. Organic: chemical-free, healthier and better for the environment
  3. Local: less food miles; supports local farmers and our local economy and community
  4. Bulk buying: cheaper prices and less packaging

How it works

We have our own online ordering system. You pay when you order. Food is then delivered to the Woy Woy Environment Centre (WWEC), 267 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy to be divided up (“food divvy”). Fresh food divvy is on Mondays, dried food usually on a Friday. Members are expected to help for 2 hours per fortnight with the food divvy. This is essential for the food group to work, but also allows you to meet other members of the food group, make new friends and feel part of a community. If you are not available on Mondays, there may be other ordering and admin roles that can be done at other times.

Membership information

To join, contact Zainem at Membership.

  • Annual fees: $40 (non-refundable)
  • Deposit: $50 (fresh food ordering only; refundable if/when you leave the group)

Deposit and annual fee paid online before your first order.

We will ask you to attend a trial divvy before joining so you can see if our setup is what you want.

Please email your name; email address, contact phone number; and state whether you are interested in fresh or dry food, or both.